About us

The first few years of a child’s life lay a foundation to a healthy future. A nourishing environment and optimum nutrition is what the child seeks.

The nutritional needs of growing children are often over looked. It is noticed that Hospitality sectors, Airline travels don’t cater to the young age group of 2-10 years. Their snacks are often loaded with sugar and salt. Food available in the market promises to be healthy, however they disregard the fact that this group requires nutrient dense food with the right balance of ingredients. Pulses, millets, dried fruits, seeds, ghee all these ingredients contribute to the daily protein and energy requirements of growing children. They help in the overall brain and bone development. Also aid in boosting immunity.

Studies suggest that children need to snack at least 4 times a day. Lack of time & busy lifestyle of working parents makes it difficult to provide nutritious food to toddlers at all times.

With this in mind we meticulously worked with Nutritionist and came up with specifically curated recipes for children in the growing age group of 2-10 years. We don’t advise to replace home cooked meals rather to introduce nutritious Snack items, to give mothers an option of not feeding kids the readily available chips, biscuits or other processed foods.

Our foods are made from 100% Natural Ingredients, sourced from Organic vendors. These are made with Natural sugars and no chemicals or preservatives. You can carry them while traveling without any mess and also add a few toppings to make them fun!