Bring back Indian snacks for kids.

Bring back Indian snacks for kids.

Bring back Indian snacks for kids.

Today our kids are spoilt for choices. There are a variety of snacks in the super markets and grocery stores. Colorful packet of chips hanging in most stores, many kinds of biscuits, chocolates and a whole bunch of cookies and cakes. These mostly satiate the hunger pangs and are easy on the pocket.
Mothers find it easier to quickly open a packet of biscuits or chips. Admit it, moms are so busy managing jobs, house work, making suppers that there is really no time to think about making snacks multiple times a day. Every activity calls for a quick snack. With changing times and thanks to the pandemic snacking has become a day time activity being played on the loop.
Remember the snacks the 90s generation grew up eating. Grannies would quickly whip up poha or upma after school. We always looked forward to snack after school. Here are some quick snacks that were provided on busier days. As I think of them now, these were healthy and tasty.

Round wholesome laddoos were made in advance for evening snacks. Laddoos also dominated the table on most festivals. The aroma that would fill the house while roasting daahls is unforgettable.

Til laddoos for sankrant, besan, rawa, jaggery and a whole lot of ghee laddoos for Diwali. Laddoos from leftover chapatis, peanuts and lentils were made too. This is the best way to include proteins, carbs and energy all at ones.
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No visit to Lonavla was complete without the famous chikki. Variety of chikkis like cashew, peanuts, til, almond, rajgira were bought for the family and to share with friends.

A perfect savory and crispy evening snack best accompanied with hot chai. Khakra is easy on the stomach and delicious at the same time.

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Mix Chivda
The healthier version of store bought namkeen was the humble homemade chivda. A mixture of roasted poha, daals, nuts, dried fruits and coconuts.
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Chakali/ Murukku
Perfect crispy round snacks made from lentils and rice. A hit item during Diwali as it gave a breather from all the sweets that dominated the festive season.

It is important to introduce children to traditional homemade Indian snacks at an early age. It gives some relief from the overly loaded salty packed potato chips or ultra-sweet cookies and biscuits. Keeps them grounded to the roots.
Indian snacks are healthy, traditionally made without using refined white sugar and were minimally processed. These are rich sources of energy in the form of coconut and jaggery, proteins in the form of dried fruits, peanuts and lentils. A perfect mid-day meal!